A Wonderful End Of The World

I opened the mess that is Order For Burning again today, a good couple of weeks since I finished it. I had my notes to one side, written in my moleskin notebook with gel glide pen.

For some reason the font looked terrible. Letters appeared on the screen as if my monitor was running out of ink (if it used ink, hang with me here). They were scratchy, incomplete. Then Celtx decided to throw an update message at me. I had to sign in to do this, it rejected my first email address and then my second.

I did not need this today.

Anxious to get on I downloaded another free piece of script writing software. This actually had some advantages over Celtx such as a full screen, no distraction mode. Sadly, the font problem remained here also so it’s obviously something up with Vista (I know, I’m running the worst operating system).

Not wanting to start the whole thing again I go back to Celtx and grin and bear it. Not before I’ve got in touch with them on Twitter to do the very British thing of passively moaning about it in the hope somebody notices. Thankfully they did but they’ve yet to offer a solution at time of writing.

I’ve ripped apart the opening scene and it’s now completely different. Even with this small amount of pages redone so far it feels much better.

Apart From The Human

Build a house, tear it down and improve it. You might keep the sink.

Essentially that’s what happens when you go from the first draft up to the second. I’ve say with Order For Burning and written some long and extensive notes on what’s gone wrong. as it turns out they’re fairly plentiful. The main one being that this is a film about religion’s grip on people and what it will make them do. In a strange twist I’ve neglected to include anybody who represents faith. Sure Jack, our witch hunter, will bang his Bible but he’s twisted from the very beginning. My aim is to introduce a minister character who is friends with the local community. Being forced to hunt down those close to him on the commands of Jack will be something to turn the story on.

The other major thing to consider is the question of Jack living or dying at the end. In this current draft he prays after the burning and walks off into the sunset. It feels very wrong for this man who has essentially manipulated a whole town to suit his own ends gets away with it. David, the husband of Agnes, has vanished at this point as Jack burns down his farmhouse. I’m playing with the idea of having David reappear out of nowhere and slay Jack. It’s David’s change to get back at the man who destroyed his home and killed his wife.In the meantime I’ve been writing some more (and recording some more) thoughts about wrestling. It’s felt good to sit and write all this down. For those interested my stuff can be found over on http://theconquistabores.tumblr.com/

You can also listen to the podcast from the banner in the upper part of the screen. We recorded a new episode about Summerslam 2002 the other night so that should be up there in the near future.