The Conquistabores Episode VI: Wrestle Kingdom 8 in Tokyo Dome

Another couple of hours of a couple of friends and myself talking about wrestling. We usually talk about retro American wrestling so here’s a Japanese show from January 2014.


A Bad Education

The Conquistabores return! Thanks to the continued existence of Phil’s new child this new episode was a bit delayed, but no worries because when we did record it was a good one! It was also out of our comfort zone, in that this show’s PPV is from New Japan Pro Wrestling in the form of Wrestle Kingdom 8 in Tokyo Dome! Wait, that’s from this year? And it hasn’t got Hacksaw Jim Duggan in it? Well, it was a wildcard pick and one that was too rich for the blood of Geordie Al so he isn’t here this week but Phil is, delivering a Burning Hammer of Podcast Justice to Euan and Cameron. So, hope you enjoy the show and apologies for the new phrase that gets invented towards the beginning of the show. Still probably a bit too soon but never mind.

You can also let us know what…

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