Medicine For The Low

Sorry, this is about Robotics again. I know I’ve been banging on and on about it lately but seeing as it’s currently the only thing ‘out there’ and not ‘up here’ it has become the gift that keeps on giving.

I was unaware of the film screening at The Fantastic Film Festival in Strasbourg but it had. The post on Facebook also told me that we won an award whilst it was there. They even sent some certificates to the film office.


As a result of this it seems to have been up for another award at Sitges Festival which has now been and gone with no news. I can only assume it didn’t make it. This kind of thing usually sees me search for film festival websites with Google translate very much active. Results often vary.

It’s good that the film has such recognition and I await to see if any other surprises await from the last few screening dates. I however must press on.