The Northern Third

I don’t want this blog to be used for political comment but today seems like an exception. I’ve just taken a walk up the road into the town centre to cast my vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum. There’s were no fights outside, no shouting matches across the street and the booths were doing a fairly brisk business. The electorate, on both sides of the debate, seem engaged and people are realising that what they put on that slip of paper can have a bearing on the result of this vote and the future of Scotland and the United Kingdom.

I live in that red bit at the bottom.
I live in that red bit at the bottom.

Being based very much on the border between England and Scotland (I work in the former yet live in the latter) I had a fairly constant stream of customer yesterday who, upon hearing my accent, asked me what way I was voting. I didn’t tell anybody then and I probably won’t say it now. I wouldn’t expect anybody else to tell me what they were voting because the only person you should have to justify your political choices to is yourself.

Whatever box you are crossing today I wish you all the best. We’ll know the result tomorrow and I feel that Scotland’s political landscape will very probably be forever changed by the events leading up to this vote regardless of outcome.

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