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Here’s a thing I want you to see.

Ideas are brilliant. Those flashes of inspiration that hit at random moments are something we all have. The trouble is making them something more than just a thought process. People have the ideas sure, if they’re lucky they’ll have the talent as well but it’s often money that plays the vital role in giving an idea wings and making it fly. A bit of finance makes an idea into something real and then to something bigger after that.

Today, whilst I was on a break from my script writing, I saw a tweet from Dave Cook. To explain, I don’t know Dave. I’ve never met the guy and my link to him is reading some fine examples of video game journalism he has written in the past. Dave has had an idea, he wants people to support him in order to get it off the ground. It’s a web comic called ‘Bust’ and it looks amazing. I’ll let Dave explain himself.

Fantastic ain’t it?

Far be it from me to tell you where to spend your hard earned cash but I reckon Bust is one of those projects that looks well worth it. $5 equates to around £3 right now, this is probably about the same as a coffee and a sandwich these days. If it looks your kind of thing then it would be the awesome thing to support it. People often get this idea of needing to be some kind of media multimillionaire in order to back any project but it’s not the case. It doesn’t have to be a massive financial outlay on your part, just a very small amount given by a fair bunch of individuals can get that idea flying. The world’s a better place when ideas starts flying as well.

Update 18/09/2014

Dave has since taken the decision to move the Bust funding from Patreon to Kickstarter. The goals are a lot clearer and there’s much more on offer. Find it here

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