The Signal From The Sub

I’d been caught up in all things ‘Order For Burning’ related that I’d forgotten about ‘The Salesman’s Gamble’. A email comes through from the director I have been speaking to telling me that she’s been involved in a shoot that’s taken up most of her time and gave an apology for not being in touch. I sent one back pretty much apologising for also taking so long to get round to it and explaining that I’ve been getting involved with some witches at the moment. After a couple of emails back and forth about how the story would play out we’ve agreed that I’d send a rewrite fairly soon for her to read over. It’s an encouraging sign that the project isn’t dead yet.

Order For Burning has remained at the 30 page marker for a few days now. I’ve probably picked the worst time of year to undertake such a thing as it’s the school holidays and my Son is currently in need of entertaining most days. School restarts next week so I’m aiming to spend more time on it then. Hopefully I should have got through draft one by the end of September. It’s slightly longer than I would have liked but I’m only breaking my own deadlines here, not ones imposed by somebody with the money.

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