I Sigh As The World Turns

Sometimes the quiet moments are the worst. My email to Option 1 stating that I was ready to go with rewrites has remained unanswered after a few days. I’m not hitting the switch on it just yet but the current hanging in stasis is annoying. I mailed Option 2 back to let her know about the situation, hoping not to waste her time on a project I’ve already taken up with somebody else. I received a very apologetic one back saying she was really busy lately. I did tell her a small detail of another script I’ll be working on soon (details will follow in this blog in the near future) and she wanted to be kept posted.

So I sit in the difficult position of having more of a response from the person NOT making my film. Perhaps this will change in the next few days but I pressed ahead today with another rewrite, making Ian a stealing bastard yet family man. It involves a one sided phone conversation which I’ve tried to keep short and sweet as I’m never very sure of that kind of thing on screen. It makes more sense this way as Ian takes on the coin toss because he’s arrogant not because he’s desperate. It reads far better.

I’m hanging onto this rewrite just now to see if Option 1 gets back in touch. If not then we go to Plan B.

I never quite got around to sending that email to Holland.

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