How Far To Wisconsin?

As a writing exercise the short script which I took a break from ‘The Last Alive’ to write was fine, as a fully fledged idea it was perhaps a little too early. I pitched it anyway, thinking that nobody would ask about it and I’d have another ‘Unlocked Project’ on my hands.

Three people came forward to read ‘The Salesman’s Gamble’. All have been given the current version, I have stressed the word ‘current’. It is a short tale of Ian, a salesman who arrives at the door of an old man who allows him into the house. After talking the old man says he hasn’t left the house in years due to ill health. He offers Ian a chance to flip a coin, the idea being if Ian wins he gains everything the Old Man has left, if the Old Man wins he gets everything Ian has. Our final scene sees the Old Man walking briskly down the path with no sign of the crippling pain he was in before. He gets in Ian’s car and drives away.

At the core, everything I’ve written since day one is an attempt at The Twilight Zone.

The first responder is a director who has recently been trying to expand into his own projects. He’s directing a two minute film and likes The Salesman’s Gamble. He mailed me back after reading the current version and suggested some pointers. We’ve agreed that he’ll also receive version two when it’s ready.

The second responder is another new director, she has yet to mail back with any feedback. I’m not discounting her yet, there is still time. She’ll receive the next draft even if she does not respond, until she comes back with a firm no anyway.

The third is somebody whose work I know well, he will get back to me in due course. His word is good and I respect him. He will also receive the newer version.

The game is on but this still doesn’t solve my feature film woes.

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