The Rest Is All Noise

For the last two days I’ve sat looking at the screen filled with ‘The Last Alive’. It’s fair to say that it’s grinding down to a halt.

I am currently 34 pages in, more than a third of the way through my 90 page planned duration and the wheels are coming off. The basic problem is that too much has happened and in a fairly uninteresting way. Morag has come back having not aged, she’s found her Mother, she’s attempting to live the same life she was, Darren the police officer is now determined to find out what the hell is going on and the first few people have suddenly found out they now share Morag’s abilities such as controlling flames etc.

Too much, too damned much. Why the hell am I in this hurry? Probably because I’m worried about it coming across as boring which probably in turn means I have zero confidence in this story.

Damn it to hell.

I might write another short alongside this one, mainly because an ending of any kind feels far away. I’ve got that feeling during a script as if you’re on a boat and you’ve found yourself smack in the middle of the water with nothing around you. Land will be a long time coming and there isn’t really a strong wind blowing right now.

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