The Boston Grammar

In recent weeks a guy who works at the head office of the optical chain I work for left his job to do graphic design full time. I’d never really spoken with the guy nor met him face to face but we had exchanged emails here and there via the internal company system. One of the first things he posted on his blog was a video link to the author Neil Gaiman giving a speech in Philadelphia in 2012. As a pep talk towards going forwards into the unknown searching for a career in creative arts it’s pretty high up the league table. Thankfully I’ve found it again…

Firstly the central message of ‘Make Good Art’ is inspiring at the best of times but the other part of this that grabbed me was the fact he made a list of stuff he wanted to do during his career and worked towards that. Tuesday marked by 33rd birthday, a chance to reflect back and plan forward so I’ve become tempted to do the same. If anything, it’ll be something that you can read back once I’m gone and laugh.

1) Write A Short Film (and get it made).

One lecturer at college once told me during a lesson on time management that you should make a list of stuff you need to do but make sure the first one is something you’ve nearly done or have finished therefore you’ve started your list already. A psychological advantage already then.

2) Write A Feature Film (and get it made).

Working on this one, mostly with ‘King Of Teatime TV’ and more recently ‘The Last Alive’.

3) Make A Videogame.

Which, as discussed before, will probably be some kind of text adventure at this rate.

4) Make A Comic Book.

Might be slightly hard by the fact I can’t draw but if I can convince somebody else to do that bit then we’re away.

5) Write A Novel.

I might have started this one already but with no clue as to where it’s going. The prologue was put up on this blog a few weeks ago.

6) Write An Episode Of Doctor Who.

Yes I know, shooting for the moon on this one but it’s on here.

7) Publish An Article In A Print Magazine

Probably wrestling/videogames, not fussed which one.

One down, six to go.


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