I Do Not Understand My Lord

Before I got into console gaming circa 1990 when I received a NES with the Ninja Turtles game for Christmas, my sister and I had an Amstrad computer. I recall it mostly for its green screen, unable to display any other colour.  It arrived with a bundle of games on cassettes with game quality varying greatly from title to title. Roland On The Ropes was a favourite as it seemed to feature a man who was raiding tombs long before Lara Croft got there. We used to buy new games at the brand new supermarket in Carlisle, they were situated next to the vinyl record section my sister always spent her pocket money on.

It was all green when I had it, maybe I just had a rubbish monitor.

One major favourite is something I cannot find on Google even after a while of searching. My memory of the title is hazy at best but I think it was something like ‘Kingdom Of Spellbound’. It was a fantasy based text adventure in which you roamed the land as a returning king. Every instruction was given to your sidekick and he was mostly found to be saying he didn’t understand what you’d just told him. You obviously couldn’t get the staff.

I am unable to program anything that looks like a game despite playing them for years on end. It is however on the list of stuff to do and a text adventure is probably about my limit of ability. Obviously, with the graphical capabilities to be seen today, text adventures have taken a back seat as the years have gone on but I was reading an article recently on audio games such as Papa Sangre and The Nightjar. If these game which remove their focus from graphics can succeed then why not a well written piece of interactive fiction? If I could make a good and involving story, even a short one, would people play it?

I’m thinking that any story told this way should be something that was written at the time but forgotten about, only to be discovered again in the modern day.

This might take a while.

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