The Software Slump.

I’m not on here to really go on about using this type of software for screenwriting or this type of thing for notetaking. To be honest, all the scripts I’ve written so far have been on Microsoft Word or Open Office which did involve a fair bit of formatting. The usual industry standard would be Final Draft but it’s hideously expensive at the best of times. Thank the lucky stars then that my wife started to write her script she began using Celtx Screenwriting software. It certainly looks the part and I’ve spent the afternoon loading it up on my laptop and trying to tie it in with the app on my tablet. The idea behind this is that the bulk of the writing can be done on the laptop but I can synch the scripts up in cloud storage to continue them on my tablet when I’m on a break at work. I probably won’t be getting a major amount done on the tablet app but even if I do three lines in ten minutes then it’s still a small chunk of the script gone by when I get home. Hell I’d stick it on my phone too but tiny keyboards would not agree.

I’ve tried to import what I’ve got of ‘The Last Alive’ so far but it seems to have compressed it into one scene and can’t break it down into individual scenes. This may be a gradual cut and paste job.

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