Industrial Slumber

Today saw a trip through to Carlisle with my Dad to the cinema to see The Railway Man. It’s a film my Dad has wanted to see for a while and it’s good to spend time with him since he retired, mainly because he didn’t get time when he was working. Considering the subject matter of the film (a prisoner of war attempts to come to terms with his experiences when he meets his Japanese captor years later) it wasn’t ever going to attract a young and hip audience and most of the twenty of so people would have been over 50 years of age.

The film builds nicely to this climax of Colin Firth’s character going back over to the scene of his torture which is now a museum before finding that the member of the secret police who interrogated him now works as a guide there. A tense scene follows as the two of them talk in the exact same interrogation room they met in during the war. The two look at each other across the table, the Englishman draws a knife and points it towards his foe. The cinema is then filled with a noise, kind of like a drilling.

The Englishman leaps across the table and holds the knife to the Japanese man’s throat.

More drilling, although Colin Firth does not have a drill.

It’s coming from the front of the cinema. In the darkness I see a woman elbowing her husband in the ribs. The snoring continues though, even after she’s hissed “Jeremy, wake up!” towards him.

Jeremy does not awake, his immense industrial slumber continues throughout a flashback sequence of the type of waterboarding they don’t give you trunks for. An old couple behind me pipe up with “I think it’s snoring John, it’s certainly not in the film”.

It takes one more almighty inhale for Jeremy’s wife to hit her limit. She gives him one huge dig in the ribs and Jeremy is hauled by his shirt collar out of the room. The rest of us breath easily, having been slightly more engrossed in the story than poor Jeremy was.

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