Thrill Powered

I actually posted my write up of the Christmas episode of Doctor Who around midnight last night not the 27th as WordPress seems to have stamped it as (I started writing it on my tablet using the app on that day, finishing it on my computer as it’s easier to put the pictures in that way). My wife, a nurse, had a shift starting at 8am this morning and my son was fast asleep in bed by the time midnight struck. I welcomed in the New Year with my cat who had beat a retreat from outside when somebody nearby decided to set of fireworks at 11:45pm. I was also listening to BBC Scotland’s coverage of Hogmanay in the background which seemed to involve a folk band covering Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ because obviously you’ve hardly heard that little ditty all year and it needed more accordion. The results were truly horrible. I suppose tradition would say I should have been writing about my plans for 2014 and reflecting on 2013 as far as my screenwriting ambitions go. To be honest though, there’s not a lot to it.

If 2012’s biggest achievement was getting Henry Barstow on stage then 2013’s was certainly seeing ‘Robotics’ up on screen. It was, to use the writer’s vapid response, just as I had imagined it and I was happy with my first experience of handing a script over for production. I’m still waiting for it to be put online so I can get a link here. In March/April time we should be good to go as it’ll have been a year since it was finished. I spent the rest of the year wondering what to do next, either more short films or a feature. Going down the feature route I started ‘The Last Alive’ which was troubled to begin with but now seems much clearer.

I also want to expand writing horizons a little more in 2014. I’ve always thought about doing comics but I lack any artistic ability (or at least presentable artistic ability).British comic book powerhouse 2000AD have a policy of new writers having one off stories with each issue. It’s not like they’ll hand you the keys to Judge Dredd straight away but it’ll be a start. I’m aiming to be published in the comic at some point in 2014. Also I think I need to start writing fiction more. I’ve mentioned before that I used to write a lot of fiction years ago but it lapsed. I’d have to get my head around it again and feel the beat of it as I used to.



If you’ve been reading Howling In The Dark during 2013 then I thank you, I hope I’m able to report on these things and more over the coming months.

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