Cat Racing

I’m sat watching a film (Tim Burton’s version of Alice In Wonderland just in case you’re wondering) with my wife and son. She looks up from her laptop and utters the words ‘Peter O’Toole has died’. The last of the great British acting Hell Raisers has left us, knowing how much he liked a drink it’s a miracle he lasted until now.

Showtime & Sheraton Hotels Host Premiere Of "The Tudors" Season 2

Many years ago I sat up late one night channel surfing on TV and happened across a showing of the play ‘Jeffery Bernard Is Unwell’ from The Old Vic. It’s Peter O’Toole at his very best and probably my first exposure to the man’s work. I must have stayed up until 3am glued to Channel 4 watching it and it’s remained in my memory ever since. I’ve searched for it on Youtube a couple of times in the past and it always seems to come and go, taken down for copyright reasons no doubt. Having heard the news tonight I’ve looked again and the whole two hour performance is there. If you have the time, settle down and watch. You’ll probably be taken in just as I was, about 15 years ago.

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