Be Thankful For Hard Hats

Yes I know it’s been a long time. I’ve been on holiday that’s all.

I was worried about being away and an e-mail coming in asking to see the script for ‘The King Of Teatime TV’ and then me not being able to respond as the file would have been on my computer up here. I’d have fretted about it, worried sick that they might think I wasn’t interested or bothered and a chance at the big time would have gone begging. Each night back in the hotel I’d use the very kind offer of 30 minutes free Wi-Fi (I know, it’s a very precious thing isn’t it?) and grab my e-mails. I need not have worried, it’s been greeted by a mass wall of silence. The message is beeping, nobody is picking up. The pitch remains as it is. Whilst the Shooting People website is good it is but one avenue and it’s probably best to leave the script alone for a bit, ready in the cannon for when the situation gives rise to it. I’m still pleased with how it turned out but it’s time to move on to other things.

I enjoyed my time away though, South Wales always holds something very special for my family and this time around we stayed in Cardiff itself rather than just outside it as we have done in the past. On the first day there we ended up going down a mine which involved getting all the right gear including the headlamps and hard hats. I was thankful for the hard hats when I managed to bang my head against in support girders three times in quick succession.

We also engaged in the now traditional visit to Spiller’s Records which is the oldest record shop in the world. Part of these visits involves letting our seven year old son choose a record. He usually walks down the racks and picks out something based on the cover artwork. The staff then let him have a listen and, if he likes it, we’ll buy it for him. Last time around he went for Dinosaur Jr, this time he ended up with The Grateful Dead.

Grateful Dead

I also had the pleasure of meeting my Uncle in his home town of Melksham over the border into England. Obviously, living up in Scotland, I don’t often get a chance to see him but we organised going across for the day as it’s only about an hour down the road from Cardiff. I used to visit my grandparents in Melksham pretty much every summer so it was a chance to walk the same steps again. After lunch we took a walk around the town with my Uncle which included walking to the street where my grandparents lived. It has changed greatly as an office block now stands between the High Street and the street itself. Opposite the houses there used to be parkland and a school playing field, it’s now been made into another housing estate.

I was astounded to see that the toy shop I used to go to whilst I was down there, usually to buy wrestling figures, still remains. With these times of internet shopping I honestly did not expect to turn the corner and see the exact same building still standing, still seeming like endless shelves of brightly coloured toys and games. Kyle tugged on my sleeve and gave us the hopeful face. If I was honest, I wanted a look inside as well if only to confirm that this was indeed the place. In the space of ten minutes, he’d pretty much filled his Christmas list. It was strange to see my son walk around with the same sense of wonder I had when I first went there around 25 years ago.

We also visited The Doctor Who Experience which I enjoyed greatly simply because it’s an entire building based on my favourite TV show. I’d write about it more here but I’m planning on a Who based blog entry to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the show next month so it’ll be part of that.

Suitably refreshed, we march on.

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