Remain Tactical

My tactic of blasting through the first five pages of a script to see if it works has been done with this latest project, currently saved on my hard drive as ‘Sci Fi project’. It fairly ticks over well and I’m chucking in three characters without even really working out who the hell they are. The thing is, it kind of works and I’m interested in it enough to go further. This is far more progress than I was having with ‘The Last Alive’. It’s leading me to believe I should probably shorten down The Last Alive and run with it in a shorter form. Maybe all I had was a glorified X-Files episodes anyway.

If you want a photo that sums up the basis of the idea for ‘Sci Fi Project’ (the title will change obviously) then just examine this.


I know, it’s Weird Science. It makes sense to me honest.

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