A Rework Of Wording

My Dad has recently retired. Having reached the age of 65 he’s decided that it’s time to leave the hotel management game to others, he’s been involved in the trade for as long as I’ve been around and more. Our local newspaper, The Annandale Observer, are running an article on his career due for publication tomorrow. With this in mind, my Dad calls me last night.

“They’ve written about the family too” he says.

“Oh really?” I reply.

“Yes, I’ve put you down as ‘son Cameron who works for a chain of opticians and is a successful film maker'”.

My eyes widen slightly.

“A what now?”

“I asked them to put you down as working in a chain of opticians…”


“…and as a successful film maker”

“Hold it Dad”

“Hold what?”

“I’m not a film maker”.

“But you’ve got a film”

“I know, I didn’t make the film though I just wrote it. Somebody else has made it”

“Does that matter?”

“I’m not the one on set shouting directions”

“Well what are you then?”

“A screen writer if anything”

“I can get them to change it”

“Please do, the use of the word ‘successful’ is debatable as well”

“Well they’ve asked me what to put so I’m putting successful screenwriter”

I have given in by this point.

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