Queue Jumpers, Ring Leaders

Robotics Poster


I gazed upon this today just after I woke up, the poster is ready and we’re ready for the festivals. The credit of ‘Story’ is something which I agreed with the director. He asked to be credited for the screenplay which I thought fair enough as he did work on a lot of it and rearranged a fair chunk of it to make it better. Basically, I’m ecstatic it’s got this far and we have something to show.

I’m really not sure what I’m expecting from the festivals though, part of me wants a career to sky rocket from this and to be asked what other scripts I have and to be put in front of people who have the money and the clout to get other projects on the road. A more realistic scenario might be a fleeting moment of semi fame and then back to what I do usually. I cannot make it to Utrecht for the showing but I’ll be back here in Scotland raising a glass towards them at the time.

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