I Drop Bombs And I Break Down Houses

I ended up starting the new script idea last night, just a few pages and nothing serious right now. It was a strange experience to go into this with absolutely no notes written down and only really having a clue how the first two minutes or so would work out.

I’ve been doing this blog for a year now and it becomes very apparent to me (and also, by extension you out there) that writing about the act of writing is mind numbingly dull. For this reason, rather than burden you with details of how I stare at screens every evening, I’ll give you by thinking behind it.

Robotics was really all about one man trying to rebuild a version of himself to do all the parts of his life he really didn’t like. His creation ends up being far better than him though and finishes up taking over his life. What if everybody could do this? What if we were all deeply unhappy with how we had all turned out and instead attempted to rebuild ourselves into what we saw as perfection. Perhaps not through robots but possibly something online, something more virtual. I’m looking at this as a starting point and working from there.

Here in Scotland it’s suddenly got a slight bit chilly in the early mornings and evenings. Summer is fading fast and the dark nights are coming. Perfect writing conditions.

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