Urban Tumbleweed

So I return once more to work only a quarter done.  My Son went back to school yesterday in a alarmingly good mood about the whole thing and I had my first day alone in the house for what felt like a very long time. I’ve come to realise that it takes me a good while to get up to speed on writing. I don’t think I can just write for a hour here or there, preferring instead to concentrate for a good few hours straight. I haven’t had much of a chance to do that whilst my son has been around doing that six year old thing of wanting entertained.

It’s only a few weeks until the nights visibly draw in again and it gets colder (without wishing to sound like one of those old folks who looks to the sky and says winter is on the way) which probably means a whole lot more time will be spent inside hopefully getting some script stuff done.

In the meantime we recorded a new Brake For Frogger episode the other night. It was a really basic episode with only two sections, the currently playing one and a retro one as well. It still felt good to be back though and we hit the moment when it became fun again. Usually this occurs when it’s just three or four friends all talking about games and being passionate about the subject matter. I’m editing the episode so I aim to have that done by the weekend and hopefully online for all to listen to soon.

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