Googling Every Corner

It’s the school summer holidays still and as a result I have my son around the house on my days off. It’s been great having having him around and we’ve been doing stuff and taking walks out as much as a six year old’s patience can take. This has meant though that my chances to sit down and get some writing done have taken a serious hit over the last few weeks. The updates on this blog have, as you’ve probably noticed, slowed to a near crawl also.

Today, whilst Kyle sat beside me and borrowed my Nintendo 3DS to play Lego Lord Of The Rings, I got two reviews written down for Square Go who very generously handed me them to give my opinion on. They should be up on the site in the near future once I’ve finished the formatting. I’m also writing an article on death in video games. This is not as morbid as you think.  Also this week sees the return of Brake For Frogger, the gaming podcast which we semi-retired a year ago because hardly anybody was listening to it. A few friends of ours have encouraged us to give it another shot so you’ll be able to hear my friends and broadcast colleagues Geordie Alan, Euan Taylor and Tom Oates. I’ll be plugging it on here as soon as it’s ready. Howling In The Dark is my solo project, Brake For Frogger is my band.

Add to this the fact that I’m no longer full time at work. I’ve dropped down a day from five to four days a week which gives me a little more time for writing. The idea being that hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate on getting some more stuff done. I’ve applied for unpaid writing positions beforehand and had to turn them down eventually because I couldn’t find the time to dedicate to them. Now it’s a much more viable proposition.

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