Horses Through Thunder

‘Sorry I haven’t updated blah blah’.

‘I’ve been away blah blah blah’.

In truth though I have been away, mainly on a family holiday to Legoland Windsor. This trip mainly saw my six year old son suddenly develop a taste for roller coasters which goes directly against my desire to keep my lunch down. I always hated the idea of roller coasters back in my youth, as a parent I had to put that idea on the back burner whilst being tossed around by a replica of a pirate ship. It shouldn’t be natural to go from a vertical to horizontal basis that quickly. I very nearly saw the waffles with maple syrup I’d had about an hour beforehand again. The trip also featured a baptism for my youngest nephew, an event which saw my son suggest halfway though that this was really all just ‘Jesus blah blah and God blah blah’.

Jolly Rocker
This thing is evil.

Two pieces of news filtered through in the meantime, one before I left and one which came in just after I got back. Firstly, contrary to previous reports I received a response back from Square Go. My review of DC Comics fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us is now live on the site and can be read here. It looks like I’ll be writing more for the site in the upcoming months, a fact which pleases me no end as it’s already been a much better experience than the last gaming website I wrote a few pieces for.

Secondly, I received a Facebook message from the Dutch producers of ‘Robotics’. The film is nearly reaching the stage of completion and has now been accepted into the Dutch Film Festival and will have its debut screening there in the last week of September. I’m currently entertaining the idea of going over for the event but it’s going to depend on money and getting the time off work. Either way, I’m happy the film will be shown. It’s a far cry from 2007 when I had a draft of the script and was sat having lunch meetings in Dumfries with the intent of making it in my hometown.

So, two rather brilliant pieces of news in one week, It’s onwards from here.

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