The Problems Of The Present

It’s a strange phenomenon but some of the best script ideas, the ones I feel I can make a proper go of, are the ones that are constructed from two separate thoughts. Often it’s two ideas that I’ve looked at and thought that they won’t fly on their own but mixed together by some script based alchemy they might have a fighting chance at something cool. The ‘let’s batter some things down on a page’ exercise has produced a couple of those.

This gives good ground work for the future but it hardly resolves the problems of the present. I’m still thinking about rewriting the synopsis for Seven Lucky Stars and pitching it again. Reading it back again reveals the original to be weak. It’ll probably be a future blog post, comparing the older one to the improved newer one. This will probably be followed by nobody picking it up at the second time of asking either.

No response from Square Go around three weeks after sending my test review and article so that appears to be a dead end. It only means that I’ll be putting more video game related nonsense up here.

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