Dragon End

I’ve been writing recently but nothing script related. I chanced my arm on the possibility of writing something for a games website called Square Go. Upon emailing the editor it’s suggested that I write one commentary piece and a game review. I spent a few nights writing about Injustice-Gods Among Us and a small piece about how games automatically revert back to game related mechanics as a safeguard when they should be braver in their storytelling. I’ve yet to hear anything back but I was always aware this might take a while. I might not be able to contribute every single day but something small every once in a while would mean I was writing something other than scripts for a bit.

It’s not the first time I’ve written for games websites either. The last time around saw me review ‘Bayonetta‘ which is a cracking game but there was a small moment when I was asked to write about how the Xbox and Playstation versions differed as far as visuals went. It was a tiny bit soul crushing, a bit like taking a classic book and being asked to write about the quality of the paper it was printed on. Reading the writing guidelines for Square Go reveals that they’re not bothered by technical details. This thought relaxes me greatly.


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