The Head Down Charge

I’ve probably just broken one of my own main rules of script writing by going back and rewriting before the first draft is finished. The main reason being that I needed to add something that, if it was added any later, would require major surgery going into draft 2. My struggles of trying to make archeology an interesting subject to hang a possible alien invasion on and how to start this whole story without boring myself rigid in the first ten minutes have been somewhat solved by an idea I had whilst in the shower the other day.

We’re going for a retrospective narration. I often find that a lot of my scripts tear bits from the previously abandoned ones. The ending of my one room zombie movies from last year saw the main character, who had been explaining the whole story from a police cell beforehand, suddenly ‘turn’ and attack everybody in the station. It felt like a really rushed idea for a short movie but it might work a lot better for a feature. If there’s more time to go for a slow burn. If we’re running along with one character’s version of events and one character’s only then it obvious we as an audience as being led somewhere. As to if that final destination is the truth or not only time will tell.

Of course, this idea was used to brilliant effect in 1995’s The Usual Suspects by building up a character so demonic and fear inducing that it was a genuine shock when you discovered his real identity at the end. I’m not saying that this will be as good but it’s a similar path I’m walking.

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