Pushing On

Had a bit of time with the script the other night, worked through a bit of a road block, trying to come out the other side. The problem is that I feel I’m introducing the elements of this story far too quickly, the plot seems to be bringing out the big guns within the first five minutes. On the other hand making it a slow burner means that there won’t be much happening. It’s a hard balance to strike and one that’s making me think of having something else running alongside it at the same time so I can take my mind off it for a little at a time. I’m also thinking of sharpening up the synopsis to Seven Lucky Stars and relisting it just to see if that sparks a little interest (or at least a bit more than it did last time around).

I was trying to explain to a workmate today about what stage the script was at. We came to the conclusion that it was like when you only had the four sides of a flat pack wardrobe up. The thing still wobbles when you let it go and it doesn’t look like a wardrobe just yet but you’re waiting to put the backing on so it stands up and you can add the doors.

Seemed to fit.

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