A Graphic Guide To Marxism

A personal message on Shooting People from the producer who wanted to read the first ten pages of ‘Seven Lucky Stars’. Whilst he considers it good he has been put off by the fact the film is set during the 1980’s. It would seem that this would mean the movie would be far too expensive.

Maybe so, you’d have to consider that the costumes and setting would all have to be altered to take into consideration the time. As far as locations go it’s fairly light due to originally being written for the stage. The play only had two sets and the only change came ten minutes before the end. Pretty much everything I’ve written so far has had a small budget consideration purely because I’m not in the position right now to be making any Hollywood blockbusters.

I had thought about negotiating and taking out the entire 80’s vibe and just setting it in the modern day to see if that would keep any kind of deal alive on the table. Upon reflection though I’d be extracting one of the things that I think makes the script ‘tick’. A lot of the humour comes from looking at how much things have moved on since. The top prize is £150 and a top loading VHS player for example, things of high regard then slung on rubbish tips now.

We carry on regardless.

2 thoughts on “A Graphic Guide To Marxism

  1. As you point out, stuff from the 80’s can easily be found on rubbish heaps, so what’s expensive about that? I think it’s a good call to stick with your original concept on this one.

    1. I can kind of see his point, there would be a lot of effort to get the authenticity needed but I suppose it would depend on how much he was wanting to make a low budget film for. His idea of a low budget might be somebody else’s medium budget so it’s all about perspective.

      I personally don’t think it would be that much though.

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