Radio Silence

“Why is your blog called Howling In The Dark?’ is a question that absolutely nobody has ever asked me during my life so far. So I’ll answer it here.

A quick vanity fueled Google search reveals that this blog shares a title with a Japanese Manga series but I wasn’t aware of that at the time of choosing last year. Basically, somebody once asked me what kind of process you go through when you’re trying to get people to read your scripts. The conversation went something like this…

“Well, you write something first”.

“Right, like a full script of just a brief summary”



“Yeah, you need a full script and then a synopsis so they can get a taster of what it’s like before they start the script”

“So somebody can just read the synopsis and then not bother reading the script?”

“Yeah, totally”

“Isn’t that like eating the starter at a restaurant, not liking it so walking out of the building before the main course has arrived?”

“Errrmmm…a little bit I suppose but that’s why you’ve got to make your starter amazing”

“So do they call you straight away and go make it?”

“No, you can be waiting for weeks”

“Why weeks? It doesn’t take that long to read a short film does it?”

“Well no but then they’ve got loads of other stuff on their list”

“But they call you and let you know this?”



“Only if they like it, you’ll often just get nothing”.

“No call? No nothing?”

“No, essentially you’re just sending stuff out blind and hoping for the best when nobody actually knows you’re there”

“Oh right”

“It’s a bit like howling in the dark really”

“Okay…well that sounds insane”

Still no response from the person who wanted to read the first ten pages of ‘Seven Lucky Stars’. The starting line of ‘The Last Alive’ is still waiting, I’m at that stage when it seems like a really long way to go until you actually get going.


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