Stick Bubbly

During my lunch breaks from work, whilst picking up my copy of The Guardian from the newsagents under the clock tower, I’ll switch the browser connection on my phone on so it can download the very few emails I usually get. There’s usually nothing much there, just emails to ask me if I’m interested in buying a new laptop or the occasional Xbox Live notification. Today however, Unlocked came back into play.

It’s often quite strange how it happens. For those keeping score you’ll know that Unlocked was listed on Shooting People about six weeks ago and gained minimal interest. I had moved onto improving Seven Lucky Stars and converting it from stage to screen instead. Somebody though wants to read Unlocked as they’re looking for ‘the right project’ to produce in the next six months. I’ve dispatched the latest version and await a response to see if this is indeed ‘the right project’. They seem to have done a fair bit of good stuff according to their rather spiffing website. It’s good to see it’s not just some jumped up arse with his own Youtube account and a HD video camera he bought from Maplins. My response has stated that I don’t mind rewrites, I still have no idea of that’s a good thing or a bad thing to write in the first place.

There’s nothing interesting for me to photograph on my table right now. Here’s my coffee cup for the evening. Enjoy.

I’ve had an extra shot of confidence since seeing the final cut of Robotics. For the last nine years since graduating from college I’ve been writing with one question repeating again and again in the background, the constant drone of “Are you good enough for this?”

“Are you good enough for this?”.

“Are you good enough for this?”.

I’ve waded through plenty rejections and took the negative responses, the ones who said it wasn’t for them and the ones who just didn’t bother getting back in touch and rolled with them. Whilst there was never any plan to quit all together there does come the thought that maybe I wasn’t good enough to consider making a career of this, that the day job should probably become the job and I should only write as a hobby to keep myself entertained as a cheaper alternative to the pub. Writing is like any skill, the longer you spend away from it the poorer you get. You forget how your own system worked, you lose the ability you had once, your imagination has been so long underused that you’re almost scared to let it out because it’ll probably just fire something completely ridiculous out. I’ve got back into writing lately, the last few months have probably seen me do the most writing I have done since college finished. It’s felt brilliant and as a result I’ve come to a conclusion.

So ask me again.

“Are you good enough for this?”.


Yes I damn well am.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

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