Not Quite Dead

One of the main things about this blog since I started it almost one year ago is a strive for honesty. I wanted to be open not only about any success that came my way but also about any abject failure. It’s often the failures that provide the most entertainment anyway.

Seven Lucky Stars was listed last week and has gained only one interested party. Even then it’s from somebody who admits a lack of experience in film making but does currently have funding for a drama and wanted a comedy as well. The request was for the first ten pages to be sent which I duly complied with. I have yet to hear anything back.

Now it could be that they’re busy but I have a concerned voice in my head hoping this isn’t a breed I’ve dealt with before, producers who don’t call back. Some people, rather than mailing back and saying ‘thanks but no thanks’ will simply say nothing and hope the writer ‘gets the hint’ and registers the deal is off. It’s crass and somewhat disrespectful but it happens a lot.

I can do nothing more now that get back to writing the next project and repeat the process. Currently though a paid writing gig seems far away.

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