The McFly Pizza Dinner

A message on Facebook last night confirmed one thing, Robotics is finished. I cannot post it on here however, nor Facebook book it or tweet a link to the file because it’s under a lockdown. The plan is to get it shown in film festivals around the world and having the film freely viewable on the internet apparently ruins any chance you have of getting it into a major festival. Whilst frustrating I can certainly see the point of such an arrangement.

I can tell you that Robotics has turned into everything I hoped it would be. It’s looks and sounds fantastic and the central performances from  Horace Cohen and Janne Fassaert are pitch perfect, summing up pretty much all the emotional quirks present in the script. There have been some changes as there was always going to be. The ending has been made a lot sharper and it gets to the point far quicker now. What’s also interesting is that Robotics got a lot of rejections initially because people thought it would be impossible to film an actor playing two different roles in the same shot on a lower budget. My point about them doing it 20 years ago in Back To The Future Part 2, in which Michael J Fox plays every member of the McFly family, didn’t seem to fly. I’m happy to report therefore that it’s worked out well with the occasional cut away.

So where do we go from here? The synopsis of Seven Lucky Stars was just sent to Shooting People so hopefully that will be on the script pitch network in the next few days. With luck we’ll be able to start negotiations with anybody who wants to carry that project forward. Until we get to that stage and before the rewrites kick in (and they will) I’ll set about starting ‘The Last Alive’ which takes me back to the science fiction I love so much. It’s almost Doctor Who territory and I’ll no doubt blog about my love for that show in the near future.

Honestly, this feels like the start of something.

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