In My Honey, In My Milk

It’s slowly taking shape, the conversion is now about halfway through and Seven Lucky Stars is turning into something like a film. The only major problem thus far is that many ‘scenes’ go on for a long time. It’s fine on stage because any change of scene would require the stage being reset but the freedom of being able to change anytime during the screenplay means that it sometimes drags on a little. I’m trying to break it down by having flashbacks. Not flashbacks like dream sequences where the edges of the screen go a bit wobbly as the characters look skywards but more focussing on Edward getting the TV gig in the first place and his first few rehearsals for presenting the quiz show. It kind of bookends the story nicely, we have Edward’s first day in the job alongside the agony of his last day and being fired. The only thing is, they’re being told simultaneously. It’s just about working and I’m halfway through. All going well we should be done at some point over the weekend and the first feature will be ready to be developed.

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