A Court Jester With A Broken Heart

I’ve been away for a few days and despite the intent to do some writing whilst I was away I ended up doing precisely none. As I’ve previously mentioned here before though, I tend to write like a maniac for a few weeks followed by periods of nothing rather than have a consistent level.

There’s still nothing from the script pitch for The Unlocked Project, no interest has been forthcoming so it’s probably a case of moving on from that one. There’s always an slight though of wondering if you’ve wasted your time when a script doesn’t get picked up. Have you lost out by concentrating on that script for the last few months when you could have been doing something else? Is the entire thing now worthless? I’d say that no completed script is without merit if you can learn from the experience, put it to one side and then come back and improve on it. ‘Robotics’ was only picked up after being listed twice over, having been rejected many times over beforehand.

So the process begins by converting ‘Seven Lucky Stars’ from stage to screen. It might involve a fair bit of cutting and pasting as I still have a version of the script that is in film format and it’s running time is currently 90 minutes based on one set so I can afford to expand it a little more and chop out some of the more long winded elements and delve a little more into Edward’s character. One of the themes running through Seven Lucky Stars, being set in the 80’s, was Thatcherism. Her recent death on;y serves to bring much more of that debate to the foreground. Do I therefore go down that road with an aim of making it far more political?

This is all things to think about, in the meantime here’s a flavour of what we’re going for and what passed as prime time TV around 25 years ago.

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