The Sound Of The Hollow

I would love to be writing a new entry about how I’ve spent the last few days battling through e-mails that I’ve received from producers all wanting to move forward with The Unlocked Project. To inform you of the sleepless nights of constant negotiation and rewrites I’ve had. If I did I’d be lying through my teeth to you.

The listing was distributed on Wednesday morning and nothing has arrived yet. True it’s only 48 hours and there’s time yet but it’s looking like the script won’t get the attention I hoped. I’m not dismayed by this in any way as becoming dejected would be counter productive. It’s more a case of going over the pitch again and seeing what went wrong. Is the pitch appealing? Is it concise? Does it give the idea there’s a good story to be made here? In the current state of Unlocked I’m not sure I can give positive answers to all those points.

The ending still bugs me and it would take a far longer film to advance on that idea of controlled fear. In this current state the ending firstly comes across as science fiction nonsense and, worse, it’s SciFi nonsense placed there purely for the sake of it. I remain unsure how to resolve that yet.

For now I think I shall press on with other projects, mainly the couple of features I’ve been planning. Seven Lucky Stars could easily be made into a film seeing as it’s already running at 90 minutes and that’s just the stuff that suited the one stage set. Making it as a film means we can expand on a lot of sections of Edward’s life which would have been too much of a change in the theatre. With a little push I could probably have a version of this ready to roll in six weeks or so.

Then we have the SciFi film that’s been at the planning stages for a long time now. It’s currently under the title ‘The Last Alive’ but like most things at this point it could all change.

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