Dead On The Beach At Brighton

As of tonight my pitch for ‘Unlocked’ has gone off to Shooting People with the hope that it’ll be listed at some point during the week. I’m not sure what I’m going to get from it but key to the process this time was that I’ve said I want somebody to develop the script with. I’m comfortable with rewrites and I am in no way suggesting that I or the script are the finished article. The process with ‘Robotics’ has been a slow paced back and forth with the possibility of the end result being something quite great. I’m hoping for more of the same this time around.

Bearing in mind that the pitch for Robotics went nowhere the first time it was listed. It was read, it was rewritten but any chance of it being made died on the beaches of Brighton. It was only after waiting and sharpening it up a little did it gain any serious attention. Robotics was also very boiled down towards the end, all the dialogue was thrown away and everything is done via facial expression and movement. Unlocked is trying to get a little more story in there and as such there might be a little more fat to trim further down the road.

Somewhere here, an idea died.

For now it’s done though and an idea which was on a scrap of paper before Christmas now exists and is out there. For that there is no substitute.

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