Other People’s Screenplays

My wife qualified as a nurse last summer and, whilst she was applying for a job over the next few months, she decided to have a crack at screenwriting. I’ve watched her type away furiously on her old and near busted laptop. She tweeted her progress each night and finally finished craft one about a week or so ago. I’d promised that I would read through it and see what I thought. At no point during this do I claim to be a master screenwriter handing down my knowledge from the clouds but I’m always prepared to read something over and provide notes.

This was really the first time I’ve had a chance to do this since the glorious days of college and it felt truly good to get back to it. My old tutor used to read student scripts after asking one question of ‘do you want me to be honest or lie and tell you how brilliant it is?’. Thankfully, the wife and I have long since reached the stage in our relationship where we can be honest about each other’s scripts.

I ended up writing four pages of notes which led into a hour long conversation about it. It’s a good story and well worth the rejigging it needs (she was a little bit sad when I suggested taking the axe to two characters who I felt weren’t essential to the story but they’ve gone now). Armed with this information she belted through a second draft in about a day. I’m looking forward to reading that one too.

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