Nearly There

Did I mention I hate doing any kind of synopsis? This is the only effort I can gather together for The Unlocked Project.

Tony is an agoraphobic and obsessive compulsive. He lives alone in his one bed roomed flat which he hasn’t left in years. His only connections with the outside world are the window and his friend Andrea who visits him with food supplies and vitamin pills.

One night Tony hears a knock at the door and a voice behind it claiming to be his neighbour from down the corridor. Tony cautiously opens the door and meets Michael, a man brimming with sarcasm and confidence. He tries to befriend Tony, thinking that he can help somebody who seems stuck in his ways. His first act is to get Tony off the vitamin pills.

Michael says he can hear a noise in the walls of Tony’s flat and he begins to carve into the plasterwork to find out what it is. Tony finds this idea ridiculous until they find a switch. Upon flicking the switch they are shocked to discover the image through the window vanishes only to be replaced by the words ‘No Signal Detected’. Tony behind to see that everything he thought was real has been constructed for him and Andrea knows far more about the reasons why than she ever let on.

Not the greatest I know but we’ll see how this spins. Obviously I’m under no illusions that the script doesn’t still need work but it’s reaching the stage now where I want somebody else to read it. Hopefully, over this weekend, I’ll get the application together for Shooting People.

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