I Like To Vanish

On odd occasions during my lunch break from work I like to ditch my usual home prepared sandwiches and head out to a coffee shop to sit down. It might cost £7 for a coffee and panini but it’s worth it to sometimes remove myself from my work for an hour.

I sat there on Tuesday afternoon with my tablet open, taking advantage of the fact this coffee bar has free WiFi. Upon looking around I found that everybody else had the same idea. Every seat seemed to be full of somebody with some kind of screen from which they were reading, listening to music with headphones or watching movies. It’s not to say I’m against this, I’m old enough to remember when having coffee in a book shop was a great novelty, but it’s odd how this has become ‘normal’ so quickly.

I had a couple of things I wanted to get down on (virtual) paper with my note book app. I think that once The Unlocked Project gets a synopsis and is listed on Shooting People then I’ll make a start on the feature that’s been nagging for a long time. I’m just not sure where to start so I found myself wondering about the opening. After having a basic idea of the beginning I was about to write it down when I noticed that it was five minutes before I was due back at work. Next time, maybe next time.

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