A Relaxed Muscle

I’ve yet to go through The Unlocked Project’s script draft one again, to be honest I haven’t touched it or clapped eyes on it since I wrote ‘The End’ last week. Over the next couple of days I’ll read over it in one go (not hard seeing as it’s only 20 minutes long) and then make notes. Then it’s just a case of rewriting it until it seems fairly stable and ready for draft two. From that moment on I’ll probably be opening it up to feedback if you’re into that kind of thing. Draft two would usually be the one I’d pass around to the nearest and dearest anyway, the choice as to if they responded or not would be up to them.

Whilst in this downtime I’ve thought more about a couple of other projects I’ll be trying to get started in this year. I still have a feature film which is pretty much set to begin with the opening five minute stretch being written to see if it can carry on. If I can get the start right then I reckon I could be onto a winner.

Also, I’m thinking about starting a book which is a completely different mind set to writing a feature film. It’s more the fact that I haven’t written much fiction for the last few years. When I was in school I’d be writing on a fairly regular basis and the stuff I’d produce would be fairly vivid if a little erratic in quality. Now I’m unsure as to if that part of me has died off due to under use and the screen writing part has taken over. My thinking remains the same, I’ll probably write the opening chapter and see if that’s any good before possibly moving onwards. I’m still considering if I should put that chapter up on this blog to get some feedback.

Firstly though, we have an Unlocked Project to attend to.


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