So It Begins.

I actually started this a couple of nights ago but my computer then decided to have some kind of melt down and needed some switch off time. It’s very short thus far, it’s pretty much just setting the opening scene up but it’s a foothold at least. This is going to be rough as hell because it’s very much first draft territory and I usually wouldn’t show this to anybody other than myself.


 A clean bedroom, white linen bedcovers are undisturbed, metal bed frame and headboard. A small, minimalist alarm clock sits on a white bedside cabinet. The alarms turns to 7:00AM and a buzzing emits. This lasts for about a second until a hand comes down to switch it off quickly.

 The hand belongs to Tony, he wears dark track trousers and a hooded top. His eyes are red around the edges and bags are visible below his eyes.

 After switching the alarm off his gaze remains on the screen for a few seconds, almost as if he’s enjoying the silence.

I’m still debating how to do this properly because the script will get broken up into sections over this blog, each with different notes on them and it’ll be in reverse order which will make it hard to read though if you just want to take it in from start to finish. I’m thinking about just setting up another page for the top menu bar here in which I’ll just have the script, at whatever stage it’s gone to at the time, available to read minus notes.

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