Still In The Lab

I sat with the notebook last night and bashed out some development ideas. Once again, please excuse my scribble like hand writing.

It’s random bits at the moment (and I admit that these photos aren’t exactly the most interesting) but WordPress blogger irscriptwriter gave me the idea about basing the story on finding out what is causing this main character’s lack of sleep rather than make it a feature of the story and write around it. Groundhog Day was mentioned as an example because it’s never explained why Phil is repeating the same day over and over again, he just is and the film hangs on it very well. Also, I’m looking into putting a second character in if only just to have something to hold conversation with and push the story forward. It does lead to the obvious question of how trustworthy this second person would be.

As a third point I’ve said before that I want to avoid the whole ‘it was only a dream’ ending. It just seems like far too much of a cop out if I’m investing in this much of a set up. What if the stranger parts of the story turned out to be the real thing though? Can we go from fairly normal to strange and then find that the start of our story was a dream rather than the ending?

By this time I got a little tired of all the questions, as you can probably tell.

I think, we have a very vague skeleton forming for this story. You’ll note that I’ve put ‘VITAMIN TABLET? MILK?’ right at the bottom, this was simply because I’m thinking that if this is a science experiment then they’d have to administer the drugs somehow. Would they be disguised as something normal? I then flipped the page and sketched this.

The script order that gives us a first hint of the ending. I kind of like the idea of our main character getting to sleep, waking up to discover that they’re in a science lab, falling back asleep only to awaken again still in the lab. It flips things nicely.

I’ll probably spend a little more time getting all this together and then start on building up my characters. As you’ve noticed, I have to work out what ‘stuff’ is first.

4 thoughts on “Still In The Lab

  1. What if the person that is “helping him” is on the radio, but when the transition to the lab happens, it becomes apparent the “helper” is actually a lab technician speaking through an intercom.

    1. There’s going to be a fair bit of that, things appearing and then morphing into something else in reality. The radio voice would go well but I might have them physically in the room but dressed normally, like a next door neighbour.

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