The Glare Of The Spotlight

A lot of script ideas and thoughts occur to me whilst I’m in the shower (I am actually showering at the time, I don’t just stand under it with a pad and pen because that would be crazy). This morning I was thinking about The Unlocked Project and the current problem of why this main character would be sleepless. A sudden lightening strike of a dream happens whilst I’m soaking my hair.

What if it’s a competition on TV? What if there’s a promise of a grand prize at the end for staying awake this long? Wouldn’t there be cameras all over the place filming this televised experiment? It might seem a bit Big Brother but it’s almost believable that some station somewhere would broadcast something like that. Although it does give an easy license to play about with what is fantasy and reality within the story I’m still trying to avoid the ‘it was a dream all along’ ending.

It was certainly an eye opener which is probably why I got shampoo in my eye.

I work in an opticians, arriving with a red eye ain’t a good look.

2 thoughts on “The Glare Of The Spotlight

    1. I remember seeing the trailers for this thing but not the actual show. Somebody linked to it over on my Facebook wall as well.

      It wouldn’t stop me writing a story about it. I’d be far more interested in the character’s story than the actual format anyway.

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