A Google search for ‘sleep deprivation’ has thrown up more rat based lab testing than I cared to read about. From Wikipedia (I know, but it’s not a research paper we’re doing here so it’s okay).

Microsleeps occur when a person has a significant sleep deprivation. The brain automatically shuts down, falling into a sleep state for a period that can last from a second to half a minute. The person falls asleep no matter what activity he or she is engaged in. Microsleeps are similar to blackouts and a person experiencing them is not consciously aware that they are occurring.’


Sleep deprivation can sometimes be self-imposed due to a lack of desire to sleep and/or the habitual use of stimulant drugs (i.e. Cocaine, Amphetamines, etc.) Recent studies have also suggested that sleep deprivation produces similar effects in the brain to that of an SSRI in persons with depression, thus ensuing a clinical, self-imposed remedy.[66] However, most individuals suffering from clinical depression are not aware that lack of sleep is having a direct positive effect on thinking. Sleep deprivation is also self-imposed to achieve personal fame in the context of record-breaking stunts. Voluntary sleep deprivation is also utilized in the converting from monophasic sleep to polyphasic sleep.’

So far so scientific, I usually go though these phases of attempting to research for details of the script. It’s fun and it does seem to grant you a huge supply of otherwise useless information but the problem persists that there’s currently no story here. I have a man who isn’t sleeping and there’s still the question as to why this is.

I like the idea that it’s not something he’s going against (and I’m automatically saying ‘he’ at the moment under the impression my lead character is male but this could obviously change). I’m still struggling for a reason why though. It has gone through my mind that it can be military based as there would obviously be an advantage of having a soldier who never needed to sleep.

It lacks resistance as an idea. By this I mean there’s a complete lack of conflict right now if this character is just going along with this enforced insomnia. Somewhere, somehow the set up will have to be broken.

5 thoughts on “Matchsticks

  1. In the movie Groundhog Day, it is never made clear why Phil is repeating the same day over and over. Maybe you don’t need to make clear why he’s not sleeping. Or, maybe he’s not sleeping because it’s the only thing keeping him alive. My suggestion would be to figure it out in the process.

    1. Ah now I love Groundhog Day but the fact it’s never explained why he’s repeating the same day again and again gets left aside because you’re waiting to see if Phil will improve or not. I’m looking at it as a massive, pivotal point in the story. Once I’ve got that point then I can move forwards.

      Although you have made me want to see Groundhog Day again, I’m wondering if it’s on my movies on demand package.

      Many thanks for reading Howling In The Dark, it’s greatly appreciated.

  2. By the same logic, could the fact that it’s never explained why he doesn’t sleep get left aside because you’re waiting to see if he’ll sleep again? And how he gets to that point? In other words, if his sleeping situation will improve or not?
    Yeah, Groundhog Day is a good movie worth watching once in a while.
    You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Interesting idea and one well worth thinking over. I hadn’t really considered it that way. If the driving force of the story could be why he’s not sleeping then it leads us to all kinds of things.

      One for the notebook certainly.

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