The Unlocked Project

At the moment I’m feeling a small sense of achievement about the progress I’ve made with writing this year. I’ve had a play performed on a very small scale, my full length theatre script is currently being read over by a couple of development teams and ‘Robotics For Morons’ is currently filming and should be ready at some point next year. Whilst I’ve sat and planned out a feature film in a basic way I’m thinking I want to write another short movie in order to keep the ball rolling whilst I hide myself away and write the larger script. If the shorter script is being read and I can get feedback from that whilst writing the feature then it should stave off those slightly isolated feelings.

But then I had a thought.

There’s always the problem of writers holding onto ideas, keeping a grip on them and never letting anybody else see them. They’ll be full of “Oh it’s about something with someone meeting somebody” in the vaguest possible way. They don’t want anybody to read their script for fear that they’ll steal this fantastic, revolutionary story and then make millions off it leaving the original writer sleeping under blank sheets of A4 paper in a street corner somewhere.

What if we did things a little bit differently? What if every step of the process, from idea to page, was put online for all to see? Why do we lock up script ideas when we should be getting feedback from others reading it through? What would happen if we detailed every tweak and rewrite right until the script is picked up?

I’m aiming to write a 20-30 minute movie from scratch soon, I’ll be putting up every step on here. I have no idea how this will turn out.

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