What Is Toothache?

There are occasional moments that inspire you when you least expect it. I sat down in front of my Lovefilm player (other streaming movie sites are available) two nights ago and ended up watching ‘Man On Wire’, the 2008 documentary on Philippe Petit’s wire walk across the towers of the World Trade Centre in 1974. The film itself is rather good but one bit stood out amongst all the others for me and proved that sometimes the best stories aren’t the ones we make up.

There’s a small section in the film when Philippe describes the moment he saw a picture of the towers (then unfinished) in a magazine whilst waiting in a French dentist for his appointment. He took a pencil, drew a line from one point to the next to cross the gap and then had his eureka moment. He stuffs the magazine under his arm and runs out of the waiting room to plan how he was going to do this seemingly crazy stunt. At the end of this section he simply says…

“Of course I then had toothache for a week but what is toothache when you have seen your dream?”

That went in the notebook pretty much straight away.

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