Blank Pages

I feel like I haven’t written anything new and worthwhile in ages. A few weeks ago I finished polishing up ‘Seven Lucky Stars’ and it sits there waiting to be sent out to more theatres. This is usually the time though, right on cue, that I get the voices of doubt. It’s not anything like Brian Wilson had during his Beach Boys career, voices saying they’re going to kill me but it is a small noise that tells me I’m not really good enough and that this writing thing should have been confined to the cupboards years ago along with all the other remnants from my childhood. I shouldn’t be here anymore, the chance has long gone and I have been found wanting. Why carry on?

I’ll go through patches like this, patches when absolutely no writing gets done as a result. To be honest it’s almost always at the start of anything I write when it’s at the loudest simply because there’s nothing there to combat it. You don’t have any notes, nor do you have any writing, you just have a bare minimum of an idea and blank pages. If ideas grow from one single spark then here’s at the most vulnerable.

I never usually get writer’s block as the condition is defined as not knowing what to write. I have ideas, a fair few of them mulled over continuously in the last few months, so it’s far from that. What I do struggle with though is gaining a foothold somewhere about it before starting the climb. It’s a phase that can take weeks if not months. Once started I can usually rattle through and get something readable which is when the manic writing comes in. Reaching that tipping point between the two is a slight art.

Once the doubting voices have shut up I have an sketched out idea for a short film. I’m hoping for a chunk of 1950’s influenced sci-fi.


2 thoughts on “Blank Pages

  1. I have a similar problem and was just recently able to pull myself out of a slump. Like you, I had ideas, some really great, but somehow I found myself unable to start, unable to get a handle on how to develop the idea and where it would go. As a result, I hardly wrote anything for two months. For me, it took a really marvelous idea to get me writing again, and once I started it was like I couldn’t stop. I hope you get past those doubting voices. Tell them to fuck off.

  2. Ah the voices will leave in time and normal service will be resumed but I’m pretty much stuck between finishing off one script and trying to get it into a shape for other people to read and then starting a new one complete with scene planning. Also, it involves real life backing off for a short while and finding time to get to it.

    It’ll happen though.

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