This Saturday past, whilst browsing though the Shooting People e-mail bulletins, I saw an entry which read thus.

‘Hi All

My names ***** – I’m a film director based in London. I have a strong shorts background and am looking to make my way into features so – would love to read some synopsis’ and treatments, particularly for genre pieces.

Looking for suspense thrillers, suspense horror and science fiction. References would include Monsters, Another Earth, Moon, Phone Booth, Paranormal Activity, Buried. High concept ideas that are achievable on a low-budget.

I really love the development process and have worked with a number of writers.

Be great to read some stuff! Really only looking for synopsis’/treatments at this stage. Would be cool to hear a bit about you too. If interested, please send through to **********



It sounds really good but alas I have nothing concrete at this time. I’ve been busy writing and rewriting stage plays for the last few months. Stuck away in the notebook however, are a few sketched idea that I was going to move onto next. I could easily sit with them for a while and batter out a synopsis. At this point in a Saturday evening however I’ve had far too much red wine so I decide to test how much he loves development.

‘Dear Sir

Just saw your posting on the Shooting People bulletin. I’ve been pretty busy with some theatre scripts at the moment but I do have an idea for a feature script that I could get a brief synopsis together for pretty quickly. Trouble is I haven’t written the script yet so if you are into script development then this would be pretty much from scratch.
Let me know if you want it.
All the best
Cameron ‘
A day later, I get this response.
‘Hi Cameron

Thanks for getting in touch. I think I’m probably looking for something a little more developed at this stage though – more at treatment/outline stage at minimum. However, if you do get something together, would always be interested in reading!
Not that I blame him, I was chancing it anyway, but certainly an avenue to go down later. Once I’ve sent out word on ‘Seven Lucky Stars’ I’ll be putting together more movie scripts, probably starting with an idea which is currently one sentence on the book right now and was something I considered making whilst in art college but couldn’t get it to work at that time.

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