For Those Not Yet In The Know…

I took delivery of a small bundle of these posters today. It seems strange that the last time I was really writing Barstow I was telling myself I had plenty of time because September was ages away. Now I’m very much of the knowledge there’s only two months to go. It’ll be the first time in years that I’ve written something that will get a airing in public so I have slight nerves about it. Because it’s a bar production (ie- it’s not in the main theatre) space will be limited to 30 for each performance so if you are coming down then please get there early.

The main difference between this and the films I’ve worked on in the past is the fact that once the run is over the project dies. If ‘An Evening Without Henry Barstow’ is never performed again then nobody will ever see it again. Obviously with film you have something in your hands and are able to watch/broadcast it at any time. It’s for this reason that I’m entertaining the idea of filming one of the later rehearsals so, once the run is over, I can stick the thing on Youtube and make is available to anybody who hasn’t been able to make it.

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