Ring The Alarm

“I wanted to explore my character’s drive and their inner most desires”.


“It’s not so much a story as a journey of the soul”.


“I listen to Mozart to further my creative process”.

*Visible recoil*

These are all things I have heard spoken from the mouths of actual humans during writer’s group meetings over the last ten years or so. It’s obvious that sometimes, when talking about writing, you can sound like a total divot. It’s not that they mean it, it’s more that it’s hard not to sound self important. It’s something I hate with a passion.

Some blog posts on Howling In The Dark will be like this. As much as I try to refrain it will occasionally dip into ‘art wank’ territory. You may want to avoid these posts so to aid you in this I have devised a visual alarm. Upon catching sight of this picture, feel free to scroll down so you can go about your day without having me spout rubbish in your general direction.

The Wanker Alarm shall be represented thus…


I hope this is a suitable warning for you.

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